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Reducing work-related pain and cost for the hybrid workforce

Navigating the hybrid workplace can be challenging. We make it easy by bridging the gap of digital ergonomics  

A modern platform for the modern day workspace. 

By switching to Wiggl, you are turning on a powerful platform that takes care of productivity and wellness. Less worry about compliance and unforeseen cost.

The Portal

Workspace Setup

Workplace Wellness

Care on Demand

Wiggl Breaks

Bring movement into your workplace with our live or online stretch breaks. A great way to keep your team engaged in meetings and off-sites.


Why your team needs Wiggl.

Our platform simplifies on-boarding for new employees, provides valuable user data, and promotes a safe and healthy work environment.

Boost Cost Savings

On Demand Ergonomic Care

Reduce Work-Related Injuries

Global Coverage

Avoid OSHA Tickets


What our customers say

Undoubtedly, Wiggl is the most exceptional ergonomic care solution for teams that are remote.


Sean Asir, Leading Global Recruiting at Mysten Labs

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